What Business Owners Are Saying About Joanna…


Joanna is a rock-star online expert. She was hired to assist with our social media presence and has over-delivered every time. She is always thinking of creative ways to improve and has tools to easily explain where we can improve and how we can further develop our brand awareness – online and within the community. I love that I can send her on a mission and she just handles it completely and with extreme grace and seeming ease. Every moment of her mind, work, and creativity is worth paying for!

– Alycia Darby, Founder of GetABetterBody.info | Los Angeles, CA


Joanna is a true pro when it comes to web development! It took her almost no time at all to get my website set up and looking professional! She gave me a ton of tips on how to improve my site myself that were super easy to understand and showed me simple ways to get great photos and content up, quickly! I would recommend her to anyone I know who is looking for help with web development. Joanna’s experience is unparalleled!

– Lorena Lopez, Founder of BuzzForBrands.com | Temecula, CA


From the moment I met Joanna she has been a Pep Rally for my soul. She doesn’t give up on me and she doesn’t let me give up on myself! Joanna’s keeps me grounded, she accepts me for the person I am and encourages me in all I wish to do. She is a friend, a mentor, and has been a genuine inspiration to me. Joanna is awesome!!

– Steph Harmon, Founder of Bhakti In Motion | Portland, ME


Joanna has been an inspiration for me since day one. I see a lot of myself in Joanna, but having someone actually doing instead of just speaking allows me to stop being afraid and work towards my dreams. I am now creating my own makeup line, and a lot of the reasons why I am doing this is because I’ve seen all that Joanna has done. Another thing I admire is how she does what she wants and just lives life. She doesn’t allow fear to stop her from doing things, and this is the biggest inspiration. Thank you Joanna because of you I now am happy, and working towards my dreams!

– Lindsey Alston, Executive Assistant at AMG | Boston, MA


Joanna Kinsman of Kinsman Swim is not only an amazing designer, but an amazing graphics artist, and has become a very good friend of mine through business. She listens to what I want and what I need for my company and puts it together on paper in a matter of minutes. It has truly been an honor and privilege to work with her and beside her on collaborative projects. She is without a doubt one of the kindest, smartest, and driven people I have ever met.

– Cassandra Renia, Owner of Sassy Cassie Boutique | San Diego, CA


Working with Joanna has been such an amazing experience. She listened to what my vision was for my business and knew exactly how to style/brand my website based on what we talked about. She was able to accomplish in one day what would’ve taken me weeks on my own! I am so grateful to have her guidance as I am starting my business. She is extremely talented and a great mentor!

– Tina Nicole, Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur of Tina-Nicole.com | Portland, ME