Since 2003 I’ve been studying business, both in school and through various entrepreneurial ventures, some profitable and some not. Each of these has been a valuable learning experience, and has made me a better business person, but have not come cheap, quick, or easy.

As a consultant, I love helping friends with their businesses and ideas, to answer questions that cut down on time in the learning process. From information about websites and graphics to legal questions, I’m pleased to use the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past ten years to help others to excel.

Yet lately I’ve been overwhelmed by written requests for long-winded answers that I could spend my entire day typing in reply to.

Some have even come in the form of late night texts, or a message without an intro to who they are or how they found me.

Thus I’ve created this page to enforce my consulting policy. I’m happy to provide a free 15 minute strategy or information session, however after this, I do need to charge my normal hourly rate.

As a fellow or future business owner, I hope that you can appreciate this procedure, and am optimistic that you may do the same when people begin coming to you for your expertise and time.

To schedule a call or inquire about rates, please email joanna@joannakinsman.com and I look forward to working with you.