Who I Am


Joanna Kinsman: Consultant To Emerging Designers

Gold Bar

When I was a kid my mom taught me how to construct and sew the designs I sketched while in class, including two of my prom dresses.

As a student-athlete at the University of New Hampshire, I studied entrepreneurship, after which I took to work in fashion and fitness in Boston. In 2008 I moved to San Diego in where I happened upon the digital marketing industry of entrepreneurs, teaching me to start a business of my own.

My swimwear line, Kinsman Swim, launched in 2011 and shortly after, I moved to Los Angeles to build the brand. I established relationships with companies and individuals in all areas of the fashion and marketing industries. I interned at showrooms and worked alongside professionals to carefully examine their trade.

After just three years, I had the incredible fortune of being invited to show at LA Fashion Week. What an honor! I’ve shown in three consecutive seasons since, and the satisfaction of completing each collection is indescribable.

Now, being able to assist others to give life to their designs is a dream come true. With an abundance of industry contacts, and years of experience, I began mentoring and consulting designers to launch their lines. To date, I’ve worked on lines that range from a shoestring budget to what seems like an unlimited spend. I support them in varying capacities, from phone calls to guide them through the steps, to hands-on in-person meetings, managing their development, all the way to production.

No matter where you are in the process, I can help build fashion line you’ve been dreaming about. Clicking here to set up a call and see how I can be instrumental to your vision!