Latest Line Launched with Love

I’m pleased to post a recent success story from one of my design clients, with her line of apparel made with love, HugWear.
Fashion Startup Consultant Joanna Kinsman
Jessica Hetzer, Founder

Jessica and I met while I lived in Encinitas, and instantly hit it off, talking about all things, including a new line she wanted to start based on her yoga instructing, which she called Hugasana, starting and ending the session by giving yourself a hug.

Joanna’s support and guidance through the process of turning a creative-spark arts and crafts project into a fully-manufactured sellable clothing line was priceless. From the beginning she believed in my idea and helped me see the possibility of turning it into reality. She truly understands both the creative and business processes involved in turning nothing into something and her personal success with Kini Bands stands a living testament to her knowledge and insight.

Jessica would puff paint everything from cards to shirts to baby onesies with sleeves in the back for the hug. It was a big hit in the all-loving Encinitas spiritual community. Like most great businesses, HugWear started out as a passion for Jessica, and she soon had people asking her to buy them.

Fashion Startup Consultant Joanna Kinsman
The First HugWear Sample

She soon realized that puff painting her nights away wasn’t scalable, so we devised a plan to bring her concept to the masses. This included sourcing, pricing, branding, and finally we printed with a local San Diego company. This allowed her to have a small inventory, and free up her time to sell her HugWear, and it’s been a huge success, and selling direct to her fans has allowed her to keep a good percentage of her profits.

Not only did Joanna offer guidance on materials, costs, timelines, market, etc. but she also provided me with incredible resources and connections to take my project to the next level. On top of it all I found it easy and absolutely enjoyable to connect with her and always felt supported and more capable with each interaction.

Fashion Startup Consultant Joanna Kinsman
Custom Fold-over Tags

If it weren’t for Joanna I can honestly say that my heart-dream project of creating connection through hug-inspired clothing would not be the reality it is today. I’m truly grateful for her support and would recommend her as a consultant for anyone looking to start or expand a personal venture.

This just goes to show that a simple idea can quickly become a reality. Congratulations Jessica on taking action and officially owning your own apparel line.