Stay Fit When Working from Home

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have
to spend their wealth to regain their health.”
-A. J. Reb Materi

I’m really not one for diets or exercise routines, nor am I the healthiest eater but someone once told me that I could blame it on being a stubborn Aries so I took that excuse and ran with it. However you can only take that so far.

With marketing cruises popping up all over the world, we all want to look our best. Not many industries give you the freedom to work at home – and not every job requires you network in a swimsuit! But alas, we all want to take advantage of the powerful networking opportunities that produce joint venture partnerships, and lasting friendships.

So I came up with a few healthy business ideas to keep the weight off without a whole lot of effort:

1. Don’t bring food to the computer. It’s like when we were told not to watch TV and eat at the same time – you eat without thinking about it or savoring your food. Instead surround yourself with healthy liquids and get up to fix meals and snacks.

2. Let your friends online hold you accountable. They don’t have to do a thing, but let your following know when you’re going to workout, starting a new diet or workout regime – you wouldn’t want to lie to them!

3. Use your phone to the gym. This is for two reasons: 1. You can still feel productive if you check your email or Facebook during your cardio 2. For your competitive side: join FourSquare and make it a goal to become and stay the mayor of your gym.

4. Stand whenever possible. We sit for so long at our computers so standing up when you eat or when you’re at the bar (oh wait this contradicts my post) are better than adding to your hours of sitting.

5. Take breaks. Whether it be to go to the gym or just do a few pushups, situps, jumping jacks, or just stretch. Get your blood moving every once in a while and your heart rate up. This can also help if you’re stuck with ideas or motivation.

6. Use a yoga ball instead of a chair. Using your core muscles will burn more calories throughout the day – sit back, stretch, and maybe do a few crunches to break up your sitting stance.

7. Limit your networking drinks. I can’t say I’ve done much of this yet, but I recently started drinking less at events, and drink water at the table instead of alcohol.

8. Start a health blog. Perhaps a 30 day challenge to not drink coffee, or eat junk food. You can update it with daily videos on how you’re feeling and what you’re learning. Share this with your friends in social media.

9. Eat at home before your meetings. I know I do a lot of coffee meetings and generally can’t help but to order whatever I want. Going on a fuller stomach will keep you from otherwise ordering the latte with whipped cream and a pastry!

10. Sign up for a networking cruise! Nothing will get you into shape like a little pressure…

Time for me to go follow some of my own tips now – best of luck and I hope this is helpful to meeting your health goals without taking much time out of your busy day. To your health and success!

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  1. Awesome Aimee – can’t wait to hear more about it – sounded like an amazing experience. Also interested to know how much it cost, etc. Would be cool to set people up from all over the world to go to Thailand to detox!

  2. Hahaha I love it! You are an IM Hijacker I love it! 😉 Ooh spa mastermind!

  3. Aimee Vo says:

    Awesome tips, you just reminded me to report my detox experience on my blog 🙂

    Love your work Joanna!

  4. Aimee Vo says:

    now that you mention that – I will report my experiences and how they can get fit on a bargain with all the prices laid out 🙂

  5. Aimee Vo says:

    lets get a trip organized next year 🙂 great idea! then we go to the spa and negotiate a wholesale discount for our guys 🙂 ooops sorry for hijacking the post !

  6. Rhonda Cort says:

    Hi Ladies! Thought I’d join the party. I can never resist a blog post about healthy living and staying in shape the “old fashioned” way. Aimee, I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days and it changed my life! Now I like to do it at least once per year. Can’t wait to read about your detox experience.

    Joanna, love the suggestions you’re sharing with everyone. I have about 26 natural keys that I learned while living in various European countries. Those ladies know how to EAT, LOVE & LIVE 😉 They DO NOT spend hours and hours in the gym in general. It’s a lifestyle and it’s natural. Hmmm, I think we should do #8 like you suggested.

    Have a wonderful week!


  7. Wow I can’t believe you did the Master Cleanse – I tried it for a day and couldn’t make it! I’m starting the Blessed Herbs cleanse as soon as I’m back from my next trip – I tried going on it last week before I went to Maryland but it seemed like a shame not to take advantage of all the crab and drinks on the ocean! 🙂

    Eat, Love, and Live – love that – thanks Rhonda!! XO

  8. Glen Woodfin says:

    I also had a bad habbit of staying up all night and working on websites for clients, then at the end of the day for a reward for all my struggle, I’d pour several alcoholic beverages and go to bed with a buzz. Yikes, that could make anyone soft!

    Great Blog Joanna, on Your Side,


  9. Oh wow that is something!! I like to tie on a good one before I get on a red eye flight but that’s about it… I’m more of a cookies and cake reward type 😉 Just as bad! I think the only healthy food that can satisfy my craving for sweets and fat is avocado (my favorite food!) hence the image on this blog post.

    Loved your article about the domain extensions… have you looked into .co? Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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