Turn on Your Subscribers

Tonight I posted that I was about to reach 1000 subscribers to my “business” Facebook profile – woohoo! But what does that even mean?

By manually setting this feature, you are allowing people who aren’t your friends to still see what you’re posting. I receive hundred of friend requests a month on that account – so many that I have one of my assistants send out a generic response to them every so often to weed out the people who are spammers and spark conversations with my new potential friends. I’ve found this to be very valuable in making new connections. Then if I’ve missed someone, they’re still subscribed and will comment on a post, in which case then I’ll add them as a friend.

Similarly, if you are at the 5k friend limit, you can still subscribe to a person’s Facebook feed without removing any of your current friends (though I’m willing to bet there are a few lemons in that list).

So if you’d like to make your posts public and aren’t enthused about running a fan page, this is a good option to increase your visibility on Facebook.

To set this up, go to the arrow on the top right corner of your account, and click “Account Settings” find “Subscribers” on the left side, and check the box to allow subscribers. You’ll also be notified when someone subscribes to your feed for security purposes. Those 5,000 spaces are quite valuable, so this lets you be a bit more selective about who you are friends with.