Surveying Your List

I’m so impressed with the results I got from a recent survey I held. I leveraged both of my Facebook accounts to ask men which bikini bottom they liked the best. Well, if I ever thought people weren’t seeing my posts, they were then.

I heard from over 100 guys in total, to give me the data I needed for an upcoming press piece for a rather large publication. So thank you all truly for your help.

And certainly don’t underestimate the importance to surveying your list, whether it’s an email list, Facebook, Instagram, your blog, or any platform. This can be done quickly through the use of survey services like Survey Monkey a Facebook App, or a simple social media post will do as in the case of my own bikini research.

It’s all about taking imperfect action. I recently spilled iced coffee on my laptop and was out of Photoshop commission for a few days. Instead of waiting, I made this little graphic in Powerpoint to show the different swimwear designs:
Huffington Post Survey

Survey you list – find out what your next book should be about, what colors to use in a product, or the demographic you should be targeting who is buying from you, or responding to your posts, emails, etc. I’ll surely be posting more questions like this to continue learning straight from my potential customers, the most important and readily available resource I have.