Series of Fortunate Events

I woke up the other morning on the couch at my friend Jason Moffatt‘s house who is letting me stay with him in this DREAM home for a month (thank you!) before he takes off on his RV tour of the US, and the first thing I did was count the number of times I’d moved – fifteen times in the past seven years over five states.

I was 18 when I went to school at the University of New Hampshire to study business and entrepreneurship. I was a Division 1 athlete on the Nordic Ski Team, but after getting taken down in one of my first ski races as a freshman, I was left to red shirt for the season with a high ankle sprain, and went on the “Five Year Plan”. But upon what would have otherwise been my senior year, I decided I was ready to get a job.

JUNE 2007
I moved to Boston where I became a personal trainer, and after a year decided to move to the San Diego area in hopes of finding an administrative or event planning job.

After applying to hundreds of jobs, I was starting to lose hope, but in the meantime I met my best friend, whom I’m extremely grateful for and felt that moving here to meet her was well worth it. But I know now that the reason for moving involved a lot more beyond that.

Finally during a walk on the beach I got a call about a job I’d applied for on Craigslist, and with that followed an interview with Dr. Mike W00-Ming. It went terribly I thought, but I managed to get a call that night asking if I’d be interested in working for him as his executive assistant and I started the next day. I found out later that I’d gotten the job that over 200 people had applied for – thanks Mike 🙂

At first I couldn’t figure out what all of this internet stuff was and who I was sending emails to and why. One day I tried to tell him about a guy I knew who was pretty successful online but without knowing anything about the industry, I didn’t have much to say.

In the same month that I was hired, I was on Mike’s computer when Jason Moffatt sent him a Skype saying he was having “strippers and midgets” at his party that weekend, so I told him I was Mike’s new assistant and said I wanted in. OK – but only if I brought Mike. There were no strippers or midgets invited, but I did meet one of my best friends in the industry, Rachel Rofe!

Downfalls of the night included the fact that Mike didn’t tell me it was a house-warming party, and on top of that, halfway through the night my strapless dress managed to slip down without me noticing. How that happens I’m really not sure, but I think it made for a pretty memorable evening for guests like Puja Shah who had to report the incident to me and Frank Kern who was talking to Mike at the time and to with whom I also felt compelled to share the embarrassing news. Come to think of it, that happened right here in the kitchen where I’m typing this now…

Despite the small scene I made, or maybe because he knew I’d fit right in, Mike brought me to the Affiliate Summit 2009, my first time in Vegas. It wasn’t until a month later that I understood what an affiliate was, but I’m not sure he knew that… Those affiliate sure know how to party though along with Shelby Larson, Jason Adams and Jorge Schmidt who took me around town and made sure I had a great night (so good that I slept through half of the event the next day, making a great impression on Mike for my first traveling event!)

At one point at the Summit I turned around to see Mike talking to Amit Mehta – this was the guy I was talking about! I’d trained his awesome wife, Shilpi, at the gym in Boston, and began to think that maybe I would have eventually ended up learning online marketing one way or another?

I’ve met a lot of people who have really changed the path of my life, one being another VA at the Increase Sales With Social Media Conference in Newport Beach, CA that Mike sent me to. The following month I met Maria Andros at the Lead Generation Summit, an event we hosted in San Diego, after which Stacy set me up with my first Virtual Assistant job with none other than Maria herself! I also had the privilege of meeting some of the most memorable speakers – Perry Belcher and Matt Bacak, as well as the gorgeous “Coach Deb” Micek who has been the most amazing friend!

MARCH 2009
I couldn’t believe it when Mike and Brian Koz brought me to World Internet Summit in Gold Coast – talk about an organized event! Tom Hua and Brett McFall host some cool seminars with the help of the super efficient assistant, Jason Buckner!

I met some good friends like Simon Leung and Nic Lucas, who in turn have introduced me to some fun and interesting people. It was great to meet up with both of them again at Mass Control at the Hard Rock Hotel for one of the most fun weekends of networking and partying ever!

JULY 2009
I made a trip back to New England, and visited Amit and his wife in their sweet luxury apartment on Newbury Street in Boston. Little did I know I’d be doing work for Amit later on!

I also went to London that month with Mike, More Traffc Bigger List, which Mike co-hosted with Frank Garon. Not long after that, I officially became a full time virtual assistant, which allowed me to take on other clients and eventually assumed the role of Frank’s project manager.

Upon attending Launch Tree Live in Vegas to see Maria speak and to party (Thanks to Amit and his business partner Anik Singal for hooking me up with a ticket!) The best part about this trip, other than the amazing party internet marketing Rockstar Mike Filsaime threw at Pure and the great Marshall Sylver‘s hypnosis show, was meeting the infamous Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser and his beautiful wife Vivian Glyck. I just happened to sit between them on the flight home! I’d taken out my work for Maria’s launch, which lead to the discovery that not only were we all in the same industry, but I’d seen Mike speak before in Newport Beach! They invited me to their upcoming event, Paid For Life, which was a huge honor! Oh and Mike got a ping-pong table out of the conversation too.

It was the most amazing event to be a part of, where so many like-minded marketers came together not only for their own businesses, but for an overall amazing cause that raised $300,000 for Vivian’s Just Like My Child Foundation. It was here that I had the opportunity to get to know friends and internet marketers like Jaime Mintun, Kevin Nations, Zach JohnsonAndy Broadaway, and Stacey Powers – not to mention the killer team behind the event! It was unbelievable meeting stars Eben Pagen, Brendon Burchard, Frank Sousa, Len Foley, Russell Brunson, John Assaraf, and Jorge Cruise. Talk about energy… I’ll undoubtedly be at the next seminar.

I attended JV Alert Live in San Diego, put on by a most gracious host Ken McArthur. Frequent visits to RA Sushi and the hotel bar in the lobby made for great networking with awesome marketers and mentors like JonnyAndrews, Couch Surfing Ori, and Mel Coach. What a perfect weekend! Coach Deb and her husband JP Micek threw a launch party for QuanSite at their fabulous home in Escondido. The next day my new friend David Gonzalez and I went to meet Russ Benefield who took us surfing in La Jolla and out to a great Italian restaurant. The next day Ori, his friends and I kayaked to Humphrey’s to see Crosby Stills & Nash and then Ori drove up to surf on my couch and help with my recent move to Florida. Between Ori and Deb & JP who kept my car for me, I’m not sure what I would have done without them!

I moved to Florida for the month with another one of my best friends, which was a great opportunity. It was there that I received a long awaited call from Kevin (we partied at Launch Tree Live and had spoken to at Paid For Life), asking if I’d like to do some work for him as well, which I gladly accepted. Now I’m looking forward to his event in Vegas in February!

While I was in Florida, Vivian recommended that I speak with Jairek Robbins about finding a roommate and coincidentally, we were both looking for a place to move in December, and have been looking at condos in Little Italy in Downtown San Diego.

In a few days, on November 19th brings the African Thanksgving at the home of John Assaraf of The Secret, with special guest Deepak Chopra. It’s an honor to be a part of the event as a volunteer, and certainly will be an evening to remember!

To me, it’s incredible the way everything has tied together, especially looking back at all of the great people I’ve met throughout the year, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. Where a year ago today I was feeling nothing but despair and uncertainty, and I feel only hope and excitement for what is to come.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my memories and progression in internet marketing and the amazing life surrounding it, and thanks for reading,

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  1. @CoachDeb says:

    YOU are an Amazing Woman Joanna
    so it’s no wonder that wonderful things happen to you
    and amazing people are drawn to you!

    you’re constantly looking to Give, and Connect and
    are always such a Joy to be around!

    I’m honored to call you a friend, and feel
    blessed that our paths crossed many months ago.

    Deb Micek

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. You’re kind of a big deal.

  4. You’re a lot of fun to be around… and the world needs positive people. Not to mention a hot babe that has the ability to travel and work for herself (another thing the world needs more of). Glad to be of assistance, I’m sure our paths will cross in additional adventures!

    Watch out for them Guac-covered-chocolate-chip-cookies!

  5. haha Why thank you Justin!

  6. Thanks so much Ori! Hope to see you again soon! Make sure you keep me updated on your exciting life! 🙂

  7. Matt Cornely says:

    You are such a great person! Successful people role with the punches and thats just what you do day to day…Good Job! Im glad to know somebody out their does!
    Todays crisis may turn out to be tom. good fortune. Stay true and keep kicking ass!

  8. Matt you are the best! Thanks for checking out my blog – it’s been a trip! I’m so luck to have met you!!!

  9. Juana Craghead says:

    I had to read your post three times to get the full impact of it. I appreciate reading what you have to say. It’s too bad that more people do not understand the benefits of coaching. Keep up the good work.

  10. Yah it’s a bit scattered but I appreciate you checking out my blog! I entirely agree about the coaching – it’s so important to invest in your business and yourself. A lot of people mistake investing with buying multiple info products 🙂 Thank you Juana!

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