Positive Relationships

I’ve been meaning to publish a blog post about being selective about your friends and colleagues, but was provoked to write this today:

We’ve all had a friend or acquaintance with whom we’ve come to the realization that that person is more toxic than they are uplifting, adding only negative fuel to your fire.

I personally take pride in surrounding myself with positive people, and over the summer had an inward battle when I felt I’d essentially outgrown an old friend of mine. I realized that the two times I saw her over the course of the year, she had embarrassed me and had she had the self awareness, would have embarrassed herself in the process. She was rude to friends on mine on both occasions, turned up her nose at me when I asked her not to text and drive while I was in the car with her, and overall I found that being with her didn’t make me feel like the person I want to be or be around.

Since breaking off my friendship with her this past spring, I felt sadness, and spoke with a lot of friends about what I was going through. It wasn’t that I DIDN’t want to be her friend – I couldn’t. My own subconscious wouldn’t let me anymore because I found she was the opposite of the person I want to be.

This former friend reached out to me recently, saying some hateful things as a result of our friendship coming to an end. This drove the point home that this was far from someone I wanted in my life. I found her reaction interesting. If I were in that position, which I have been many years ago, I’d feel a considerable amount of disappointed, but have learned to take a step back to consider my own actions, respond to feedback, and never rule out the idea that we may be reconnect.

I explained to her:
* * *
It’s important to spend time with people who are mutually uplifting, and we all play a roll in each others’ lives for a reason, whether it be to facilite new ideas, relationships, emotions, etc. We’re not always meant remain attached to everyone me meet forever – at least that’s my take on it.
* * *

To some, this may come across as insensitive, but now more than ever I feel like I’ve made a more positive decision for my life, so that I may make room for those who won’t try to keep me at their level. May we continue to grow, inspire and be inspired, and live each day to its fullest.