My Success With Savor The Success – With Thanks

While surfing the web late one night for additional resources and connections for my swimwear line,, I somehow came across Savor the Success, an online community of some of the most successful and amazing women all in one place.

In addition to these driven business savvy women, the site also offers access to many great features on the site including:

– Forums with a high level of participation
– Marketing, PR & Branding Tutorial Videos
– Media Lists in Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, etc
– PR Opportunities

Truthfully, women’s groups normally aren’t my thing. I’ve never believed in splitting genders in business. As for my own company, I’ve found there are a lot of men who want to purchase swimwear for their girlfriends and wives, so their input is quite important to me.

Yet there was something about this group that compelled me to sign up and I couldn’t be more happy that to have done so. Since joining, I’ve established valuable connections and friendships, both virtually and in person including:

Michelle Ghilotti: Michelle is a branding and messaging expert who took the time to meet me locally and discuss messaging for Miss Kinsman. She’s been hugely supportive of my endeavors, and it even turns out that we have a mutual friend, so will likely be running into one another quite often. We are even doing a few custom bikini pieces for Michelle which I’m very excited about.

Liana Marie: Liana is a jewelry designer located in Canada. Upon asking her if she’d be interested in featuring her line in our most recent photo shoot, she was so kind as to send some samples of her beautiful collection, which truly completed the look.

Vanessa Ting: Vanessa is a retail sales expert also located in Los Angeles. She’s been extremely generous with her time, between hosting Savor’s Southern California Mastermind groups, and meeting with me one-on-one to help me with my sales techniques and drink delicious French Press coffee.

Liz Entin: Liz is amidst launching an online blog and boutique displaying fashions from around the world. We are both looking forward to connecting to further discuss fashion and how we can support one another.

LizAnn Tepper: LizAnn has over 20 years in the fashion industry. She and I are currently working on a contract so that she may leverage her fashion network and begin selling Miss Kinsman which sounds like a great fit for us both.

Angela Jia Kim: Angela is the founder of Savor the Success, so a huge thanks so her for bringing us all together in such an organized and motivating place online. We have also spoken about an opportunity to feature the line at the Savor Spa in New York City in Spring 2013.

Overall, this has been an incredible experience and I’m just getting started. I know it’s easy for entrepreneurs to feel alone at times in their businesses, and I’m grateful to know that I can reach out at anytime to others who are in the same boat and share the same passion for success.