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Last night I attended at event in Orange County called Linked OC, which brought together local business owners and consumers. I heard about it via Facebook, and found it very interesting that the organizer, Bryan Elliott, had used the mobile application FourSquare to promote the event while we were there.

From the minute I started using FourSquare a few months ago I began to realize just how powerful this application could be for local businesses to leverage. This is due to two main reasons for the consumer:

1. Increased knowledge about surrounding restaurants, bars, and shops
2. An insatiable desire for competition, and social connection with those around us

I’ve learned a lot about Twitter from my good friend Coach Deb, and love its ability to reach people by location, interest, or their general tweets. There is still so much potential to pull local spots online, and tons of research to back up the fact that this will add to their bottom line.

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