The Law of Attraction

“Life is meant to be abundant in ALL areas.” -The Secret

Last year I spent Fourth of July on a patch of wet grass in Boston, with barely enough room to sit, waiting for the fireworks with commercial breaks, and an orchestra that was too far away from to hear. This wasn’t the picture perfect Fourth of July celebration that I had in mind.

This year I sipped espresso martinis on the fourth with Natalie and Glen Ledwell in their gorgeous downtown San Diego high-rise, with other amazing people i’ve met over the past year since getting into marketing. The fireworks over the harbor were awesome, and the company was even better.

This group is living proof that the law of attraction is not only true but inevitable! Not long ago, Glen and Natalie teamed up with marketing force Ryan Higgins to develop Mind Movies, a series of customizable videos that when watched regularly, were proven to ignite energy within a person to attract the things they desired. Consider it a vision board, similar to that discussed in The Secret, yet virtual and far more interactive!

TODAY Ryan, Natalie and Glen are releasing Mind Movies II – check it out here: Mind Movies II

I look at how much my own life has changed in the past year since I began attracting more positive people and opportunities, and essentially rejecting negativity. I am subconsciously drawn to others who share the same values, and without any thought, eliminate anything that doesn’t result in happiness and success.


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