I’m An Expert! (and Silicon Beach Enthusiast)

I’m thrilled to recently have been named an authority on ExpertCircle.com, as anyone who knows me knows I love a good software, tool, service, app, or plugin. Essentially it’s the Yelp of business resources, and not only am I addicted to contributing by writing reviews and adding new resources, but I’ve found it extremely helpful in finding new sources for my own company.

Moving to LA has been a eye-opening experience for me, as I’ve pretty much nose-dived into the fashion industry, all the while never expecting the tie-ins to the entertainment and tech industries of Hollywood and Silicon Beach, respectively.

Way to appeal to all of my senses and interests, LA. I learned about these influx of tech companies through my friend and colleague, Jason Okuma, a PR and marketing expert out of Beverly Hills. I listened to him tell me of this startup community that was building in Santa Monica, but it took me a while to realize how prevalent it was.

I met my friend Brian Luscombe through the meld of the Fashion and Tech scenes here in Los Angeles, who informed me about Expert Circle. I was instantly hooked.

I’ve never been a big Yelper, but have many friends who are. A guy I went on all of two dates on here in LA had at one point informed me of his dedication to writing Yelp reviews on virtually every place he visited, explaining that he felt it was his social responsibility. I didn’t get it. I guess I’m more of a resource fanatic over a Taco Tuesday reviewer, so this community really spoke to me.

I hope you’ll check out my reviews on Expert Circle and if there’s anything I’m missing let me know – I’d love to write a review on any business product I’ve tried. I encourage you to sign up, add your company if it qualifies, and review some of your favorite (and worst) business resources. Your fans will thank you!