Welcome to JoannaKinsman.com!

Hello and welcome to my first blog! I just set this up yesterday with the guidance of Stacy Makdad (VA to the Stars), who is helping me with a few different online ventures. I’m going to continue to post as I take steps to start these projects.

Day 1

1. I bought this domain at NameCheap.com, using the settings that allowed me to use their free server until I set up one at HostGator which is said to be more reliable and customer friendly. (Click here for coupon codes)
2. Set up my HostGator account.

3. Went to my e-mail from HostGator to get DNS codes to change the server from NameCheap to HostGator.

4. Used link to the HostGator cPanel (control panel), also found in the welcome email:

– Created email addresses ending in @joannakinsman.com and forwarded them into my Gmail account

– Used Fantastico De Luxe and installed a WordPress blog

– Logged into my WordPress account by going to JoannaKinsman.com to edit a few basic settings.

This week I’m going to learn how to create a custom themed blog and work on building content and filming videos. Hello World and thanks so much for visiting.

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  1. Congratulations on setting up your blog! I’m just starting mine too. I’ll follow your progress for some tips!

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