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Every time I set up a Facebook account for a new client I end up “Googling” the same “how to” methods to get the pages looking and running the way I want them. So if anything, at least I know I can come back to this post and find the answers more quickly. Additionally, I have given the same advice below so many times to clients and wanted to share this with everyone.

Hope this is helpful to you too! If so, feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

1. Create a Custom URLhttp://Facebook.com/username

A. Profiles – must have your cell phone number attached to your account (Facebook will prompt you)
B. Fan Page – you only have to wait until you have 25 fans before you customize the link

2. Clearing Out Event, Group, and Page Requests & Suggestions

Go to your Home page, and under “Requests” select “See All” – this button will then say “Ignore All” – choose this option and from there you can manually check which requests or suggestions you want to get rid of. I recommend scanning through for anything you recognize, and then ignoring all but your Friend Requests.

3. Increasing Conversions

Controversially, we don’t want anyone ignoring YOUR requests, so I’ve diagnosed the following solutions:

A. Events – If you create a special event (no not another one of your weekly webinars or affiliate links) that is directed at people you ACTUALLY know, go ahead and send out an message to those you invited directly after, as to separate your event from the rest.
B. Emails – When sending out personal email or Facebook message to a person, shoot them a quick note on their wall letting their wall letting them know that you left it. This will increase your chances of getting your message in front of their eyes!

4. Make Sure People Are Always Able to Add You As a Friend

5000 = number of friends you are able to have
x = number of friends you have
y = number of friend requests in pending

If x+y ≀ 5000 you’re in luck!

Otherwise Facebook will inform your new requests that you are unable to accept anymore friend requests, thus causing you to lose the ability to capture their attention at any point in your Facebook future.

In order to prevent this, clear out your friend requests every once in a while using the option in the Home page – not the dropdown at the top of the screen. Reason being, you will miss personal messages from those who are requesting to be your friend.

I usually run through each request individually, and if I have fewer than 200 friends in common with them, I shoot them a message explaining that I’m no longer accepting requests, but would like to invite them to my Fan Page, and ignore their request to make room for more.

Try to find someone you trust with your account to outsource this, as this can take up a LOT of time! I also advise taking special consideration for those who write a personal note along with their request to check them out and maybe accept them as a friend.

5. Linking Facebook & Twitter

Why this isn’t an option isn’t easier to setup, I’m not sure, but simply search “Twitter” and add the application, then beneath the application photo you will find a link to “Go to Application” – this will take you through the rest.

6. Have a Separate Account for Your Offline Friends and Family

This may not seem important now, but it’s inevitable that your friends and family who probably have no idea what you do will likely get inundated with friend requests anytime they’re tagged in a picture or post. This occurs so often because A. you may have cute friends and/or B. they’re using a friend adding software.

Additionally, your friends and family just might get sick of seeing your status updates about your life of financial freedom and online entrepreneurial ventures if they’re not along for the ride πŸ˜‰ Oh but be careful cause Facebook doesn’t want you having two accounts!

7. Staying Connected, Even Without a Smart Phone!

Once you’ve connected your Facebook page to your cell phone (done by clicking “Account” – “Account Settings” and “Mobile”, you can update to your wall from any kind of cell phone by texting to 32665 – the same goes for Twitter (40404). But if you have them linked, make sure you only text to Twitter, as that will feed into your Facebook account, and not vice versa.

8. Scheduling Posts
You can schedule Twitter Posts using free applications like Tweet Later to feed into your Facebook account. These can be scheduled years in advance and are great for event reminders and relaunching blog posts.

9. Websites Everywhere!

In the box that asks for information about you to the left of your wall beneath your picture, be sure to add your websites in there. Additionally, below that is another information box where you can select in the top right corner which information you want to display – add your websites there as well!

I like to remove the www as this is now redundant to type, and your links will have a better chance of fitting on one line.

You can add any site on here – I recommend a link to your Fan Page, Blog, and Twitter at least! This way people can choose which way they prefer to connect with you.

10. Don’t Keep Too Much Information Private

If someone searches you, don’t you want them to at least be able to click on your websites or read what you’re all about on your Facebook page while they wait for you to accept their friend request (or maybe they’ll be getting an invite to your Fan Page instead!

Check your privacy settings under “Account” in the top left corner, followed by “Privacy Settings” and make sure that the settings are set to your liking.

Happy Facebooking! Your questions, comments, and feedback are always appreciated!

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  1. Why thank you! πŸ™‚

    P.S. MovieStarEntrepreneur has to be one of the best domain names out there! πŸ™‚

  2. Good idea to make a post like this that’s not only a reminder to you, but helps everyone else figure out what they should do for clients….or for themselves.

  3. @CoachDeb says:

    Great job outlining these tips joanna!

    re: the separate account for personal and business – i recently did that and LOVE my new personal only account where it’s ONLY people I’m close friends with – like family.

    the only thing is – that it’s a “risk” cuz it violates FB’s TOS.

    But they seem to be much more lax in enforcing this policy – however, it is a risk we must be aware of before managing two accounts. I use a very different picture and name and even differnt things in my profile, so that it doesn’t look anywhere NEAR the same person. Hopefully that’ll help avoid the Facebook police from shutting any one of them down :+)

    Crossing Fingers :)))

  4. Kay says:

    Brilliant article Joanna, really good content! Sound advice and all in one place now so at our fingertips as well as yours! Cheers, Kay

  5. Thank you Kay!! I appreciate your comment and am so grateful to know people are checking out my blog πŸ™‚

  6. Good call Deb thank you! I updated that section with your advice πŸ™‚

  7. Phil Henderson says:

    Excellent tips Joanna…

    I like the one about keeping your business facebook seperate from your personal facebook.

    This is something I have done from day one and means Aunty Edna does not see my posts about SEO and likewise my business colleagues don’t get to see the embarassing posts from Aunty Edna about my childhood habits!

    I’ll have to implement (outsource) some of the other tips too πŸ˜‰

    hope to see you soon

    Phil H

  8. So glad you read it Phil! Hope it was helpful πŸ™‚

  9. Molly Dalbec says:


    Thanks for this helpful post! I like the idea of sending your new peeps a message on their wall, very personal and helps you stand out:-)

    Thanks again,


  10. Justin Burns says:

    Hey great post Joski! You offer a lot of value and I love your blog by the way! Great Stuff!

  11. Brilliant and good on you! Great article and you know I “need” it πŸ˜‰ I will favorite it for reference.

    Hugs and smiles as always.


  12. Tim Hood says:

    Great Post Joanna!

    Some very good tips there I will get started using them right away!

    Thank You and Make it a Great Day!

  13. Hi Molly! Not new people but people you know who you are trying to reach to let them know that you sent them an email or inbox message. I personally don’t like when people write on my wall right when we first become friends, but instead prefer to build a relationship via Facebook messaging, or through conversations that start from someone’s status update πŸ™‚

  14. Great tips Joanna, well done! Have a prosperous week…


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