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I’m halfway through my two week Vegas trip, before which my roommate joked that I would be a completely different person when I got back. Funny thing is, she was right… Between Kevin Nation’s INCREDIBLY successful internet marketing event and meeting some of the most amazing people, I’m blown away by the opportunities that have come up and am excited for what lays ahead.

I’m beyond grateful to be working with all of my amazing clients, and after coordinating the event, am now focused on assisting Kevin to fulfill his Love Twenty-Ten Mastermind sessions, as well as speaking engagements. That means lots of traveling in the near future!

In the meantime I still plan to execute some of my “million dollar ideas” 😉 and now I can look forward to witnessing a launch from start to finish, especially with people of such amazing caliber as Kevin’s clients. The “Love Your Clients, Love Your Business, Love Your Life” event on January 14-16th at the Mirage was unreal – many Prospect Seduction members were meeting for the first time and there was more positive energy than any event I’ve been to! How many seminars end up with the whole room on stage dancing?

VIPs enjoyed incredible some food, a reception, and tickets to the Beatles Love show. I think everyone would agree that each attendee and took away information that will transform themselves, their business, and their lives! In turn, they too will turn around and use what they learned to impact the lives of their own clients – what a great cycle!

This week alone has changed the course of my life – I’ve always known that things would work themselves out, as is proof in what I’ve accomplished since I bought my one-way ticket from Boston to San Diego, mailed my rent check to a random person on Craiglist without a contract, and set out to buy a car and find a job. Now I’m sitting in a gorgeous suite in Vegas with room service!

My friend Jaime Mintun have been having the best time here, and have been partying it up with some of the coolest Internet Marketing Rockstars… We’re staying this week for Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Appreciation Party (aka party of the YEAR) at MGM on Friday and Saturday, and today is going to be a shopping and spa day.

On Saturday Jonny Andrews and I scheduled to go SKYDIVING (weather permitting)… I’m scared shitless but am also very excited! If I live through it I’ll be putting up lots of pictures on Facebook of the weekend, and will try to post more content regularly after I get home safely to California. Thanks for reading!

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  1. very cool.

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks Justin! How have you been?? Any events coming up?

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