Celebrity Leverage

I recently finished Jordan McAuley’s book, Celebrity Leverage, which I’ve been recommending to business owners left and right as an invaluable resource to maximize the celebrity-driven society we live in.

Especially having moved to LA this spring, I’m understanding the importance of celebrities to a brand, as well as the impact it can have. Having grown up in Maine, celebrities weren’t a hot topic in my conversations, and I rarely payed attention to the celeb gossip magazines or TMZ. Now while working to launch a line, I’m realizing I’ll soon be immersed in this culture that once seemed so far away.

Not only did Jordan teach through interviews with experts on the subject, but he provides a nearly overwhelmingly large list of references and ideas to help anyone with a product or service to gain exposure through celebrities, or by coming a celebrity in your niche.

I can’t wait to go back to my notes and start using some of these great tactics for KinsmanSwim.com. As taught in this book, I also plan to leverage my own PR via radio, blog, local events, and eventually TV, and who knows what will be next! I’m extremely grateful for all of the show invitations I’ve received already, and upon taking part in one event, comes the opportunity for even more – the ripple effect!

Celebrity Leverage is perfect for anyone looking to make their name or product a household name, or at least one that is on the tip of peoples’ tongues in their immediate industry. From how to contact celebrities and editors, to tips to avoid rookie mistakes in doing so; which celebrities can help you and how; and how to get your product on TV – this book is a goldmine you can’t afford not to read. Check it out and let me know how you like it.