Body Loves Honesty

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m 5’7″, a fashion designer, writer, socialite, a stylist for men, very honest, and at times brutally so.

I learned some time ago that there is a direct correlation to telling the truth and your body’s personal strength, so if straight up telling the truth doesn’t encourage you to be honest, perhaps knowing that your body is physically weakened when you lie will promote a new level of honesty.

There are quite a few articles about the theory behind this with a bit more scientific backup, including Men’s Fitness.

A lot of you might be saying “duh I’m the most honest person there is” but don’t lie to yourself – I’m talking about even white lies:

“I’m on my way” (blatant lie)

“There were so many girls asking for my number” (over embellishing)

“Tell him you have to meet someone later so you can leave early” (fake excuses)

This last one I find especially interesting, because I find that without thinking about it, friends or colleagues will put these ideas into one another’s minds as if we can’t tell the truth. So I’ve decided I’m going to start putting an end to these suggestions.

The one I do get stuck on is when it comes to dating. If I’m not into a guy who asks me out, I’d like to be able to tell him that I’m not interested, yet simply stating it as such. Many would just make up a white lie like having a boyfriend to spare this person’s feelings.

Is there an exception to the rule of telling little lies?

What are your thoughts on this scenario?

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