Blogs vs. Websites

Ok, I tried looking at the template HTML and can’t figure out how to change anything on here, so I’m going to have to get some help. In the meantime, Justin S. King has challenged me to a blog competition this weekend that I’m otherwise bound to lose, but at least I’ll have content.

Other than the fact that you can create posts with a time and date, and people can comment in these, I wasn’t sure of what is the difference between a blog and a website. The answer: not much, and increasingly less. I always thought of a blog as an online journal, but it looks like there’s a lot more too it…

A blog can have a higher search engine ranking, yet some will argue that blogs are giving way to social media, whereupon you can simply direct your friends and followers to content with a link. Others offered that perhaps bloggers would get sick of blogging all the time, but I found that not many supported this idea. I guess that’s because the bloggers are the only ones commenting on this stuff:)

What I mainly found was that the pro-blog argument appeared to be supported around the idea that each post would yield a new webpage, thus never to be deleted, but I still don’t see the value over websites with high search engine rankings. Maybe it’s more cost effective in getting the site ranked? I’ll have to look more into this. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I’ll have to look into this further, but for now I better get this site ready to show off and get rid of all the excess information from my template!

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  1. Ha. You win for the weekend. I didn’t post anything or work on my blog. I just did a lot of research.

    SEO + + Interaction + You can write 20 posts in one day and have them automatically posted over weeks while you are out learning how to surf.

    Also, you can reply to a comment here that I post, and it will send me an e-mail letting me know you responded. 🙂

  2. Joey Goodman (aka Joey Buddha) says:


    Even though you still have some ‘tweaks’ to make, I love the layout and the header image!

    WordPress is a powerful platform, and the adjustments to the site will be a piece of cake once you mess around with it for a little while. On the other hand, you can always outsource it via oDesk, Elance, Guru, or RentaCoder, for a very reasonable price.

    Best of luck!
    Joey Goodman aka Joey Buddha

  3. Nic says:

    Looks like your rockin’ it here Joanna. I use the term blogsite to refer to using a blog platform like wp to create a website on steroids. WP is just so easy to update and there are so many useful plug-ins that make life and SEO a breeze.

    Keep it coming! Oh, and Harley has a blog too at –> he’s 6 now and is lovin’ the internet.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much Nic! I was hoping to maybe set it up as to have a website with a tab for my blog, as well as tabs for my services, affiliate products, etc. What do you think about that?

  5. I’ve already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!

  6. Ron Reed says:

    Interesting post, Joanna.

    In the past, the difference in a website and a blog was interactivity. However, the days of “static” websites are becoming more and more obsolete. People like to interact with websites. That’s why it’s increasingly important to have a blog. However, just as the websites have changed, so have blogs. In fact, some “blogs” don’t even look like blogs anymore. They look like websites! (And websites look like blogs)

    So, to answer your question, what is the difference between a blog and website… there really isn’t one anymore. Because people (like you and I) are using the blog platform to build our websites.

    Thanks for the post!

    Ron Reed

  7. Thanks for your comment Ron! What would you recommend for people – say in the service industry (car mechanics, massage therapists, etc) who don’t want to think about posting comments? A blog that looks like a website? I’ve had someone in the past go in and remove all of the options to comment on posts and remove the dates so at least it’s easy to update. The only trouble I see with blogs is that they are all templates – Interested to hear your thoughts!

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