Bikini Niche

“Dreams are not the ones which come when you sleep,
but they are the ones which will not let you sleep.”
– Unknown

When I was in seventh grade, we were instructed to write a report on our dream job. My not-so-stylish self wrote about on being a fashion designer. I had no idea what I wanted to design, but I knew this much. Growing up, I’d come up with ideas in my head, and my mom would do her best to recreate those. She even sewed two of my prom dresses, both of which came out gorgeous!

A few months ago, a friend told me that I’d know what I was meant to do in life when that thing became all I thought about and kept me up at night. Not long after that, I realized that designing swimwear was what I went to sleep thinking about, and was what I thought about when I woke up in the morning.

I met the wonderfulGreg Cesar at Keith Wellman’s event in Chicago, Gateway to Wealth seminar. When I told him about the bikini design idea, he stressed that I should start building a list right away. I thought that sounded like a good idea but wasn’t sure where to start.

Then I connected with Ryan Magin who advised me to build blogs to build my lists, and recently when he came to San Diego for List Control he showed me how to do that, including the opt-in box that I previously hadn’t a clue how to create.

So list-building via blogs is now my present task, and while certainly not easy, is the most effective way to build a list of bikini fanatics like myself! I’ve also been focusing on outsourcing, thanks to oDesk and

Any entrepreneur can understand the difficulty in trusting others with your passwords, your voice, and your brand, but I’m working to build a team to be able to call on to create content so I can focus on designing. Once you realize that you really only need to do the things which you love you’ll be outsourcing just about everything!

What keeps you up at night? And if anything, what is keeping you from achieving the income and lifestyle you desire? I couldn’t be more excited about these recent breakthroughs in my business, and look forward to sharing my progress with you as I pursue my dream!

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  1. Joanna,

    This is VERY exciting!

    And, seeing that I know both Greg and Ryan, they have given you valuable advice!

    Most importantly, I saw a few of your designs and all I can say is, I WANT ONE! Where do I BUY? Now, that’s the kind of interest you really want!

    Looking forward to your fund-raiser with Gil Ortega later this month.

    Good Luck!

    Sherrie Rose
    The Love Linguist

  2. Tim Hood says:

    So Cool!

    Awesome To See You Making Your Dreams Become Reality!

    Rock On!
    Timmy ;->

  3. I am thrilled to see you pursuing what makes you excited… as one of my friends & couches, you have access to my brains and photography to further your goals.

    Keep living the dream!

  4. Thanks Ori! May need pics and/or video at upcoming fundraiser if you are available on 7/25?

  5. Thank you Timmy – rock on!! 😀

    P.S. I bought RockOnMarketing a little while ago – trying to figure out something cool to do with it 🙂

  6. You’re so wonderful Sherrie! I do hope that eventually I can design you your own swimsuit! So glad you’ll be there to support the fundraiser – I’m pretty nervous about it!

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