Back To Blogging

I recently interviewed with Lauren Huston, a fabulously well-known social media expert, based around how I’ve evolved since I was a virtual assistant, and the impact social media has had on my career in marketing and fashion. To read the article click HERE

But truth be told, while I post a lot to both of my Facebook accounts and pages, and tweet and retweet when I think of it, blogging is a form of social media I’ve neglected for some time. Lauren’s interview made me start missing it, so I thought I’d write a quick post to get back into the swing of things.

I used to blog all about the “how to’s” of Facebook, WordPress design that I’m figuring out along the way as build and tweek my site. I also used to write about networking opportunities that have helped me to build up my connections, which resulted in a few job offers as affiliate manager to some high profile internet marketing gurus.

I’ve kept quite busy over the past year, working for a company in Maine and starting my swimwear line, on the side, managing my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I outsource a lot of the WordPress design, as well as my graphics, and the swimwear manufacturing.

I look forward to launching the line very soon. In the meantime, I’m using WordPress and several plugins to create an ecommerce site with a luxury feel and am learning a lot, which I look forward to blogging about soon.

Thanks Lauren for inspiring me to get back into blogging – I’ll try to make you proud! 🙂