Art of the Body

It started out a random meeting at Taco Tuesday in Pacific Beach, when I ran into Gil Orgeta, local San Diego internet marketer and artist, who was there with his wife, Renata, and a group of friends, and I was meeting my friends for the Laker’s game (don’t tell my friends back in Boston)

San Diego Artist Gil goes by Rick Bliss in the world of fine art, and since we met last year, I’ve been very taken with his creative artwork, as well as the balance he maintains between the IM space and his passion for art – and in a very interesting niche!

He mentioned possibly hosting an open house, and I insisted that we take immediate action to make it happen. I even tried my hand at designing the flyers, but there are some things that should be left to the artist! We handed these out, and with the help of Frank Kern mentioning this from his stage at List Control, the turnout was a great success.

Rick and his wife supplied food and drinks, and a fabulous atmosphere including a DJ, and of course, a live body painting session! This setting served as a great opportunity for more networking and relaxation between the event and the evening’s festivities at Hard Rock Hotel’s .

Co-hosting this event has opened up a few great opportunities that I’m looking forward to sharing with you very soon. Thanks so much to all who attended – Happy Memorial Day!

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