Abundance Mindset

I recently placed my swimwear in a new boutique in downtown San Diego called Function S. It’s been so fascinating to see the retail location come to life with her brilliant creativity. Owner Tami Todd is a business-savvy fashion lover from Arizona whom I had the good fortune of meeting at a fashion show hosted by another local boutique for a runaway show, showcasing our two lines.

I don’t know how she does it but Tami sews her own bikinis on top of starting her store. I liked her instantly because she never looked at me as competition, but someone who she could help and would help her in return. So when she asked me to bring my designs her shop, I was thrilled about the opportunity.

After stopping by a few times, we began talking about how many designers wouldn’t support one another in the same scenario, but I love her similar outlook – there is enough business to go around.

It’s an abundance mindset, and having this take on business and life can truly open up a lot of doors in terms of opportunity and partnerships, both logistically and through the energy around you.


I’ve seen a lot of the opposite, the scarcity mindset, often in fashion, having worked with a lot of new designers. They hoard their ideas, afraid someone will “copy” them, and even established brands accusing other companies of “taking” their designs.

So working with someone like Tami is a breath of fresh air. Another example is the pop-up shop I took part in a few months ago featuring a few successful jewelry lines including Haaiti Chai and Amarilo Jewelry that essentially have an alliance to help one another grow.

Local swimwear is surely a highly saturated market, but nothing compares to the number of jewelry designers trying to make it. All it takes is one search in Etsy to see how much talent is out there. But it just goes to show that those who believe in their brand with the right mindset will survive the building stages of growing a company that will eventually thrive.

So don’t forget to help each other out, grow your network, and keep your mind open to the idea of an abundance of success. Come across this yourself? I’d love to hear your experiences here!