A Leap of Faith

Well I did it – I finally launched my online store at MissKinsman.com.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy to say that Miss Kinsman is open for business. Now I’ll be working on press releases and online marketing to gain traffic to the site and awareness to the brand. The most important thing is that it’s out there and I can make improvements from here.

I found with my last runway show that I need to set deadlines in order to make things happen, so I set September 1st as the official date and put it out there so there was no looking back. I really enjoy the R&D process, and it was easy to take my time getting the pieces ready for market. You can check out the store here:
I came to LA in March to pursue my dream as a swimwear designer and business owner. The day before my launch on September 1, 2012 I moved into a new place in Marina del Rey, California where the rent is higher than I ever imagined paying. Talk about putting myself in an position where I have no choice but to succeed. I’ve taken this leap of faith, but everything always seems to work out the way it’s supposed to, and I’m confident that Miss Kinsman will be a success.

Wish me luck!