36 Drafts

Ugh. My WordPress developer in Vietnam was looking around my site for me and pointed out “you have 36 drafts – that’s more drafts than you have published posts”. Now I feel like a hoarder, because with all of the time I spend gathering information and learning new things, I really need to learn to share it while it’s still current.

When I first started my site, I was publishing on a regular basis, and watched as my traffic and conversations increased. I guess a lot has happened in the digital world since then. This blog certainly needs some work as far as updating links and plugins. I now have 36 drafts, and not a post published in over eight months.

I started thinking – 36 drafts – that’s close to a year’s worth of content if I were to blog consistently and focus on pre-publishing content. Particularly regarding the amazing parallels I’ve discovered between fashion and business, and the startup community of Silicon Beach.

I’m now living back in San Diego (I moved back from the beloved Los Angeles in October, consequently when I stopped blogging.) So in prepublishing blog posts:

1. Make sure they will be relevant or timely in the near distant future (Or link to other related articles inside or out of your blog using something like a Disqus account)
2. Use redirected links to avoid the risk of them expiring, or use a link checker plugin (This is my favorite: Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin)
3. Link up all of your social media to alert the entire universe when your post goes live (Use plugins for Twiter & Facebook, or find the settings on these platforms for an app)
4. Create a system that allows you to share the latest information with your list (One great tool for this is If This Then That (IFTTT)

Like my new theme? That’s all for now and more to come as I “undraft” these posts.